Have you ever experienced the taste of being alive?
                                                               Everything that has a beginning has an end.
                                                                      To discover the wisdom of death is to open the door to aliveness! 

            "As a bee gathering nectar
does not harm or disturb the colour and fragrance of the flower;
            so do the wise move through the world. - the Buddha"

The Path                                    
                              towards Aliveness

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What I do to support the idea of service
A friend asked me a question: "What would you like to do that would support your idea of service?"

Here is my reply:

When I considered the answer to your question, first, I feel much appreciated and joy from the wording of the question, that bring sympathetic joy to me deep from the heart.

0. Time
I have a lot of time, as long as my life does not end. I am willing to spend the time:
1. to practice meditation together with others;
2. to listen to their life stories (for any purpose that may help them);
3. to explore meaning of life of anyone who is lost;
4. to "detox" whatever possible emotional and physical situation that may interrupt a normal flow of life;
5. to accompany "lost" child for their studies process
6. to learn whatever new skill and languages together with another person.
7. to rest together with another person, as many knows how to work, but don't know how to rest.

Purpose and Intention: -
- Supporting emotionally, even physically towards being with various fears of life.
- Promote lifestyle of care, love, unconditional wisdom and sharing.
- Transmit the insight of unconditional happiness.
1. Meditation
I am ready to offer :
A. Meditation seminar (few hours to few days, depends on need of students),
B. Meditation class (for few hours),
C. Meditation discussion and sharing session (individual session or group session) etc.
D. Skype meditation sharing.

- I can come to the place you wish it to be hosted, you may prompt me the location, and I will see if I could arrange the transport from where I am to the host place.
- I usually hitch hike, walk, or car pool to places for the sharing, to save cost (as I did not use money for the past ten years), and for environment green friendly purpose.
- I may hosted by a local community whom appreciate meditation sharing and skill.
- All sharing are free of charge.
Possible Audiences / Participants :
1. Golden Age - for preparation to old age, sickness and death.
2. Teenage (- for a right mindset and mindfulness to approach adulthood
3. Workers / Employees / Leaders - for the way to reduce stress and perform work for living in a middle way mode
4. Children - I need a lot of facilitators with children, so will have a small session to communicate with facilitators before meeting the children
- to promote well being towards the many stages of grow of the children, with the medium of mindfulness in body, in feeling - satipatthana (foundation of mindfulness)
5. Disable houses - to promote a healthy mindset on how unity of body and mind will bring wellbeing of the situation of disability
6. Hospitalized or Hospice - I'm not that experienced to do it, yet I'm willing to promote the joy of sick, death by yoniso manasikara (wise attention).
7. Prisoners - I have no idea if I could do it, but some teachers has promoted me to do it, so I may become an assistant for those who already founded the way, not as a lone guide.
8. Monks and nuns / religious person - As in Buddhism Sila, a lay woman could not directly teach to the monks and nuns, so I will report what I've learned to them for sharing,
- For other religion's monks and nuns or missionaries, I am more than happy to share the spirituality benefit with them.
9. Family members of the groups above - to promote right understanding for supporting to the groups, and also for their own benefits
10. Eco communities - to support and to promote living without money, optimum resources, ascetic lifestyle and freedom with morality.
2. Software debugging and QA, tester and related works
I have left the computer programming field since 2004 to enter into Buddhism nunhood full time, and only recently, 2014, I am back to the world of computer science.

I am still good in debugging and QA, with the help of mindfulness and insight, debugging is much more easy for me now than before.

I am a very fast learner, was trained that way in the School of Computer Science to pick up any new languages in programming or problem solving flow and architectures. I can be a team members of these process, contribute mindfulness and clear perspective from both perspective of ethical cum technologies.
3. Hitch-hiking, camping, couch surfing Guide
I usually come to people whom has never explore their life except the security zone him/her was used to be at. When they are ready to have a switch in life, I am willing to be a companion to support their first move out of their security zone.
4. Healing (if possible, together with a team / person who has counseling skills)
As I am not licensed for the counseling and healing, kammically, I am able to take the consequences, yet, by law of the country, I will respect any trustful mean practice in the countries of service provided. As in Germany, for example, the healing session always has to be in charge by a licensed counselor.
5. Researcher
I am interest in any kind of research related to Sila (Precepts), Samadhi (Concentration) & Panna (Wisdom).
I am looking for mundane research team related to body and mind, to promote the connection and unity of science and spirituality (in science-accepting mode)

6. Nutrition for cancer, chronic disease etc Guide
As myself a patient of cancer (healed), diabetes  (healed) and high blood pressure (healed), histamine intolerance (managed by various supplements), I can share various nutrition advice with those in need, with the help of friend who is depthly practicing this.
7. Ethical Adviser
This might not be a region of concern for many corporates, yet, it is crucial for mutual respect for mankind, animals and environment.
8. Eco communities Supporter
I am happy to help and support the process of building, sustaining and maintain the lifestyle of eco communities. To support and to promote living without money, optimum resources, ascetic lifestyle and freedom with morality.
9. Other
Any other environment friendly, human rights act that follows the wisdom of respect.